Dark Web’s CrimeBay raising funds for a hit on Trump

Posted: February 2, 2017 in Contract killing, Dark Web, Hitmen
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CrimeBay, the new incarnation of Besa Mafia, has stepped up its marketing with a new attempt to extort money by crowdfunding a hit on the new US President.

“Donald Trump is an extremely difficult target”, the site acknowledges, “however, he is neither a God nor immortal, and Crime Bay enjoys a challenge.”


CrimeBay's crowdfunding page for the assassination of Trump

CrimeBay’s crowdfunding page for the assassination of Trump

However, though there’s bound to be some people who find it tempting to donate to the pot, anyone doing so will lose their bitcoin. If you can get past the CAPTCHA on the site that is – it sucks.


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  1. deep-web-expeert says:

    You are really stupid eileen
    In your mind any hitman site is the reincarnation of besa
    Remember the dark mambo shit site? static page? you saith is the reincarnation of besa but it din’t had anything to do with it
    Regarding Crime Bay, is older and better than Besa mafia, maybe besa was a copy cat after it?

    anyway here is a video that you might take a look at

    My sugestion to you is to stop messing around with dangerous crazy people, it would be a pitty for your pussy to be waisted if they pay you a visit and shoot you dead.. so leave the bastards alone

  2. none says:

    CrimeBay was a real hitman for hire site, they just got seized by FBI and FBI admits that they are investigating THE HUNDREDS OF MURDERS done by the site hitmen…

    You can check it out yourself at the website url http://5nr3yoxhbgzprocb.onion

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