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Which Pirate is that?

Posted: August 26, 2013 in Uncategorized

Last week, Silk Road spokesman Dread Pirate Roberts broke a longstanding silence, granting an interview to Andy Greenberg of Forbes magazine.  In it, he finally admitted Silk Road’s worst-kept secret – the person posting as Dread Pirate Roberts and steering the ship was not the same person who founded Silk Road.

Who's holding the keys to Silk Road now?

Who’s holding the keys to Silk Road now?

This came as no surprise whatsoever to regulars on the Silk Road forums. The bigger questions are: which number is this particular DPR?  How many people now post from the DPR forum account? And are they merely PR people rather than the owner of the site?

In short, I believe this is incarnation No.3 or possibly No.4.  There is no doubt there’s more than one person using the DPR forum account and it is unlikely any of them are the owner(s) of the Silk Road site.