An identity crisis on the darkweb

Posted: January 15, 2013 in Dark Web
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Unless you’ve been under a rock, you would be aware that there are thriving underground black markets on the darkweb, offering everything from drugs to shrunken heads for sale.  Many of these markets offer the purchaser a new identity.


I figured if I was going to be anyone it might as well be the Mother of Dragons

The difference between buying drugs online and buying a fake ID is that the purchaser of the latter is forced to lose some anonymity.  Drug purchasers can use a fake name and a ‘drop’ address, such as a vacant house where they can access the letterbox.  When purchasing a licence or passport the purchaser can take the same precautions but must, of course, provide a photograph.  So it’s no surprise that potential buyers are wary of anonymous sellers on black market websites.

Most people assume the sellers to be scammers, whilst the more paranoid are concerned that law enforcement is creating a honeypot. One such seller on a marketplace on the darkweb made me a startling offer – he would provide me a NSW driver licence for free to use in an article I’ve been researching on identity theft.  An offer too good not to take up. I provided my photograph and a name and address that would immediately out the licence as fake, especially to any Game of Thrones nerds.

The seller offers the licence alone or in conjunction with a forged credit card and Medicare card to make up 100 points of ID. When it arrived a couple of days later, I admit to being impressed by the quality, but being Victoria-based, I didn’t have a genuine NSW licence with which to compare it.  Ex-pat New South Welshpeople claimed it looked very realistic and would fool them.

When I finally got hold of a genuine licence, I noticed some differences.  At least some can be explained by the difference in time issued, the genuine licence being several years old and somewhat worn, but in total they are:

  • the licence fee printed on the back was $2 less than my forgery.
  • the genuine licence was issued by ‘Road Traffic Authority’, whereas the forgery was issued by ‘Roads and Maritime services’.
  • Both the yellow strip at the top of the licence and the background white used are markedly different, with the forgery having a distinct greenish hue to the yellow.
  • The name printed below the photo on the forgery is in white instead of black – doing a Google image search suggests that it is always printed in black.
  • There seems to be very slight differences between the fonts, though I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what.
  • The Coat of Arms hologram is quite different and the state outline hologram seems to be a little more prominent on the forgery and printed slightly higher up so that the tip goes into the yellow section.
Back of the fake ID

Back of the fake ID

So should you go rooting around the darkweb for your new identity?  I doubt it’s worth it.  A trip to Khao San Road in Bangkok will provide you with a forgery at a similar cost – airfare and accommodation included.  The fake is just that – a fake – and won’t stand up to either forensic scrutiny, nor for any service that inputs the licence into a database.  It will probably get you into a pub if you’re underage though, and will stand up to general scrutiny where no database input is required. There are far more expensive services on the darkweb claiming to offer verifiable passports and licences that go into the RTA database, but so far these have turned out to be scams or unverified claims.

There have certainly been cases of corrupt Roads personnel providing fake licences, but kids will more often simply use documents from their older siblings or friends, claiming they’ve lost their proof of age card and getting a new one issued. Someone who knows what they’re doing could use the fake 100 points as a stepping stone to acquiring a genuine new identity completely anonymously.

Comments about fake IDs – whether you’ve had one, used one, been caught with one – most welcome.

Remember kids, when snooping round the dark web don’t forget to use a VPN

  1. Michael Hill says:

    Thanks – Good article. NSW RTA changed its name to Roads & Maritime Services last year…

  2. mick m says:

    yes but you still login to myrta

  3. bingxie says:

    License fee increade and the design changed lately. Comparing to an old genuine card is a bit like comparing apples and oranges.

  4. horyd says:

    My license (acquired genuinely in June 2012) has the name under the photograph printed in white as well, so they’re definitely not all black

  5. BAC says:

    what did you pay for the fake?

  6. Dumb question says:

    For the uneducated, what is the dark web and ho would one access it?

  7. SarahK says:

    I’ve checked a couple of NSW licences I have here, and they’re a lot closer to the fake than expected. The only differences I can see:

    – The magnetic strip on the back covers the hologram
    – The map of NSW on the front looks a little high

    As for the colour / font / rename parts, the fake matches the real IDs.

  8. maelorin says:

    Asher Moses, “Fake ID sites under investigation”, SMH Technology
    January 16, 2013 – 2:34PM

  9. Swanson says:

    In 1985, you only needed a baptismal certificate purchased for pennies from a Christian bookstore and forged and you could get a real ID card in California with your fake birthdate, no sweat at all.

  10. Jordan manning says:

    Hi there, I am doing a year 12 report on this subject and my teacher said I should try and get a hold of one of the fake driver license cards to show the comparison between my real card and the fake one. How do you get onto the site to purchase them? Thank you you can email me

  11. Ethan says:

    I’m confused about this, how did you access the site and manage to purchase one?

  12. dr00gs says:

    ID vendors have been around since the days before Shadowcrew forums. I used to buy them online to get into bars underage from a couterfeiting outfit in Shanghai and they’d arrive stuck inside a magazine. They are mainly used by card fraudsters to match up stolen cards with fake ID to shop in person since clerk usually asks for ID. You can find these guys on the well known Russian hacking and fraud forums peddling passports too. Usually a real Russian passport with your pic and a Russian identity they choose (er stole, or bribed). You could probably travel on them easily through Europe or Asia.

    Surprised more of them don’t advertise on SR, but I imagine they either don’t know about it or don’t want to pay the $500 retainer or whatever it costs now to be a vendor when they can sell bulk licenses for less effort on fraud forums for free.

  13. Devastated says:

    I would also like to obtain one of these too. I lost my own IDs and I want a genuine replacement for sentimental reasons, even though I don’t go to clubs I still want it to look exactly like the real thing for again, sentimental reasons, but since I have nothing to compare against, can someone tell me of the quality of the cards and where can I get the absolute best replicas? I don’t need a drivers licence, they seem to be common but I need a NSW photo card, and most places if not all sell licences. Yes the RTA has changed its name.

  14. Bronson Collins says:

    Want a nse drivers licence

  15. […] so in desperation he sent a freebie to the only out and proud member of the site (that’s me) for critique. I used my photo (in fact, I used my Age byline photo) but the name and address of the Mother of […]

  16. donnathart1 says:

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  17. franis keenan says:

    anyone know where can get legitimate/authentic uk driving licence? or someone to update dvla database already?

  18. kishap says:

    anyone who can get me a fake id..?? please leave a messege

  19. ZAyn creed says:

    before my father was die… And I m alone and poor… Will you help me

  20. Jai says:

    Can I pks get a driver’s licence Qld

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